Passionfruit brûlée sitting on a chocolate praline crunch base, topped with a creamy milk chocolate mousse. $6.80

Lime sponge base, vanilla bavaroise topper with a lime curd centre, finished with a fresh strawberry mousse on top. $6.80

Apple cremuex & vanilla crumble surrounded by a sweet apple mousse, sitting on a sable breton bonded by a gooey salted caramel.

Chocolate choux pastry filled with a rich Nutella mousse encasing a chocolate fudge core. $6.50

Rich and creamy baked raspberry cheese cake sitting on a sweet biscuit base $6.80

Moist orange and poppyseed cake topped with a cream cheese icing and candied orange peel. $6.20

Seasonal fresh fruit on top of creme patissiere inside a sweet butter pastry shell. $6.60

White chocolate peppermint mousse surrounding a gooey chocolate centre sitting on a choc mint wafer crunch base, topped with handmade marshmallow. $6.80

Gooey caramel, fresh banana and sweet caramel mousse inside a sweet pastry shell with fresh Chantilly cream sitting on top. $6.60

Oozing rasberry coulis centre, sitting on a ruby brulee, surrounded by a milk chocolate mousse on a flourless chocolate cake. Topped with handmade marshmallow. $6.80

Blood orange jelly & almond sponge layered inside a mandarin mousse sitting on chocolate dacquoise. (flourless)

Chocolate lovers, a sweet chocolate pastry filled with a layer of nutella, chocolate mousse, white chocolate crispy pearls topped with a rich chocolate ganache. $6.60

Brioche bread and butter pudding topped with a gooey caramel sauce. $5.50

Praline ganache, salted caramel crispy balls and a milk chocolate mousse filling a sweet pastry shell with a creamy white chocolate matcha mousse piped on top $6.80

A classic millie feuille with layers of traditional creme patissiere and flakey butter puff pastry. $5.50

Lemon curd filling a sweet butter pastry shell topped with a swiss meringue. $5.50

Fresh mango jelly layer surrounded by a creamy vanilla bean mousse sitting on a chewy pistachio dacquoise. (flourless) $6.80

Lemon curd filling a sweet butter pastry shell. $5.50

Fresh blueberries baked inside an frangipani filling in a sweet butter pastry shell. $5.50

Baked egg custard inside an almond shortcrust pastry shell. $5.50

Mixed berry clafoutis baked inside a sweet butter pastry shell $5.50

Crumbly butter biscuit base topped with a layer of sweet caramel and a thin layer of couverture chocolate. $4.20

Gooey chocolate brownie. $4.20

Gingerbread snap base with a brandy custard and homemade fruit cake inside, on top a spiced cinnamon mousse with a vanilla brûlée inside. $7.40

Blackberry jelly, fresh creme patissiere, chantilly cream all surrounding a christmas spiced sponge topped with fresh mango & assorted seasonal fruits. $7.20

Rich coffee infused milk chocolate mousse incased with a gooey caramel core, sitting on a flourless chocolate cake $6.80

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Baked egg custard inside an almond shortcrust pastry shell. $5.50